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The Workbook Series

:: WordSmitten Query Letter Workbook ::

Order the Print-On-Demand Version of WordSmitten's
Query Letter

Query Letter Workbook
It's the workbook that we provide in our writing workshops
and this Print-On-Demand version provides a step-by-step approach to writing a contemporary, professional, and persuasive cover letter to literary agents, editors at magazines and for children's literature editors at publishing houses. If your manuscript is nearing completion, if your synopsis is done, then you are ready to send a literary agent a professional query letter. This workbook helps you draft a great letter.

If you prefer the electronic version as an Adobe PDF file, click here to go to the online ordering page, and save time and a few dollars. We are pleased to provide both formats.

Choices for ordering this workbook. You'll be able to use the secure online transaction method (Option #1 - online ordering).
Or, if you prefer snail mail, order by sending us a payment through the mail (Option #2 - post paid) and we will mail your hardcopy workbook (allow up to six weeks to process your order).

Note: This is the page to order the workbook by snail mail. Note that the hardcopy version adds additional amounts for production (Print-On-Demand), shipping, and handling.

Yes, I want you to send me a hard-copy version of the WordSmitten Query Letter Workbook. I want a snail mail copy sent to me.
Option # 2-Postal Order. Print-On-Demand version.

This is the printed version of the workbook. We use a P-O-D feature (Print-On-Demand) which provides you with a hard copy version of the Workbook. We'll ship you this item to the postal address that you specify. (Allow up to six weeks delivery time.) Please include your e-mail address to allow us to contact you if there is any problem with the mail delivery.

To order the Print-On-Demand (P-O-D) version:

1. Print this form (below) and complete the shipping information. Include your name, phone, your e-mail and snail-mail address and your daytime contact information. Note: With an online transaction there are no state tax amounts, shipping, or handling fees. These amounts apply only if you order the hard copy workbook to be shipped through the mail. The instructions on this site page are for the hard copy P-O-D version.

Make your check payable to WordSmitten, and mail your order to:

Word Smitten Media, Inc.
Order Department (e-books)
P. O. Box 5067
St. Petersburg, FL 33737-5067

2. To compute your payment, select an item from the list below and include the item's order number.


Word Smitten e-Book Item
Query Workbook
Order Code
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Completed Order
Make check payable to Word Smitten. Delivery may take up to six weeks.
Send us an e-mail: <workbook @ wordsmitten.com>
Include your completed order form with your payment.


Reserve your copy of The Ultimate Query Workbook.

Word Smitten Workbook Series - PDF Files
WordSmitten's Query Letter Workbook ___$21.95 WQ-WKBK

Word Smitten e-Book -Order Form
Order Code
Sales Tax
Print-On-Demand Fee (Each Copy)
Shipping & Handling
Ship completed order to:
(Please PRINT)
Name E-mail Day Phone
Address Alternate E-mail Evening Phone
Make check payable to Word Smitten.
Delivery of P-O-D orders may take up to six weeks.
Send us an e-mail: <workbook @ wordsmitten.com>
Include this completed order form with your payment.

Thank you for your support. We're glad you enjoy WordSmitten reports, workshops, and fiction events judged by nationally respected authors. Recent fiction judges include New York Times best-selling authors: Thisbe Nissen (The Good People of New York), Noy Holland (The Spectacle of the Body), Peter Meinke (The Piano Tuner), and Michael C. White (The Garden of Martyrs). Your contributions to our site, to our writing membership, and to our fiction events allows us to continue to support a talented and energetic writing community. We are delighted that you are part of our membership group.

Our site visitors and legendary interviewees always let us know when they benefit from our research, our reports, and our feature articles. Here are a few of the kind words we've heard from our members and colleagues. Let us hear from you!

People say the nicest things!

One year after Word Smitten published an interview about Scott Manning, he comments:
"One of my current favorite clients called
after finding this article!"

- Scott Manning, Manhattan Publicist
After Word Smitten published an interview about Peter Dekom, he comments:
"Thank you.... big hug."
- Peter Dekom, Entertainment Attorney
What writers, editors, and agents are saying about Word Smitten:
"The article looks great and we appreciate the interest!"
- Hilary Elkins, Algonquin Books
of Chapel Hill

We said to Mary McNulty:

As a recipient of this award, you have a great responsibility to give back to the writing community
and to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Canning Day, your award-winning story, provides a very personal ride into the countryside of a woman's heart. We'll look forward to seeing more from you during the next few years.

"As to what I will do with the prize money, I have already enrolled in a playwriting class at Bates College. This is an entirely new direction for my writing, but one which I know will develop my skills in creating convincing dialogue and in dramatizing conflicts in my short stories.
I may also get myself a decent office chair.
Others have told me that writing doesn't have to be literally a pain in the neck.
Thank you once again for giving me both encouragement and the opportunity to improve my skills."

- Mary McNulty, Winner of The TenTen Award for Fiction on what she plans to do with the $1,010.00 prize money.
What industry executives in the book publishing industry , are saying about Word Smitten:
"I'm the assistant manager of Online Marketing here at TWBookmark.com, the official website of Warner Books and Little, Brown & Company.
Davina Morgan-Witts of Bookbrowse.com was in our office a few weeks ago and told us how much she admires your site.
We do too!"
- Miriam Parker
AOL Time Warner Book Group
What writers, editors, and agents are saying about Word Smitten:
"The interview looks fine,
as does 'Liquid Paper.'
Thanks for being so careful with both.
You've got a very lively website going here."
All best, Peter Meinke

What writers, editors, and agents are saying about Word Smitten:
"It looks wonderful! Thanks so much for taking the time to spotlight my work. I really appreciate it. Who knows--a fabulous writer may find me through this article :-)"
- Marcela Landres
Touchstone/Fireside Imprints
Simon and Schuster


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