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~flash fiction~the sudden short story

Welcome to Word Smitten's Storycove, our Flash Fiction Department where you'll find:

  • Our annual flash fiction contest
  • Contributors providing great flash stories
  • Commentaries about the art of "sudden fiction" by well-known experts
  • Winning and honorable mention flash fiction entries from previous years

    If you are not familiar with this short story form, you may want to know that practitioners of this style of fiction ~ both flash fiction and "sudden fiction" ~ have included recognizable literary legends.
    Margaret Atwood (Bread), Stuart Dybek (Gold Coast), Jamaica Kincaid (Girl), and Joyce Carol Oates (August Evening) have contributed outstanding work to this genre.

    If you have a story of fewer than 500 words that you would like to send us, we'd love to read it. Be patient, though, since we get more than 200 e-mails every day. Once we read yours we will tell you if we plan to accept it for publication online and it may also be eligible for our annual anthology.

    If you prefer to enter a story for the competition, then click on the link below and read the guidelines. Our current Storycove Flash Fiction contest closed on May 1. This summer's winner was British writer John Ravenscroft.

::Word Smitten's Storycove Contest::
The annual flash fiction contest. Our next reading begins February 2004.
Every winter we ask ourselves this question. We've got penguins, we've got hockey, but do we have enough Flash Fiction? You let us know! Send us your short (very short) story. Write the story this week and e-mail it to us in February. Click here for guidelines.

When you enter this competition two things might happen. You may win and be published on our witty and winsome site, www.wordsmitten.com, and you certainly might have fun writing flash.

Why write flash fiction? When you write short bursts of fiction, you flex your best writing muscle: precision. Last year we had fun reading all the flash-built stories. Who else had fun? Wendy Lestina, who won Word Smitten's competition with her Flash Fiction story and this year, we have invited her to become a regular contributor to Word Smitten.

Word Smitten's Storycove Award
~~Award Winning Story~~
Winning author, Wendy Lestina, wrote the award-winning flash fiction story, On The Other Hand which appears on our site. Peter Meinke, winner of The Flannery O' Connor Short Story Award was fiction judge.

Word Smitten's Storycove Honorable Mention
~~Honorable Mention Stories~~
Great stories to read, wonderful writers, and these are the top tier.

Word Smitten's Storycove (Flash Fiction)
Native Shore Fiction (Short Stories)
The Annual TenTen Fiction Competition ~ Annual Deadline: July 1


Welcome to WordSmitten

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