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The 28th Annual Southampton Writers Conference promises to be a who's who event. Want to workshop with a memorable memoirist? Sign up with "Angela's Ashes" author and Pulitzer Prize winner Frank McCourt, an invited author for the 2003 conference.    

Snapshot of the event
Who will benefit: Writers of intermediate to advanced levels, but especially those who want to add polish to a certain genre.
What event: The 28th Annual Southampton Writers Conference.
Where: Southampton College of Long Island University, New York.
When: July 2003.
Why attend: This conference is not only about the skills you are able to enhance, it offers significant propulsion for your writing and publishing plan.

Other reasons to go to this conference? For you, writing isn't just about expression. You like the audience, you like being heard (even if it's on the page) and you like rubbing elbows with the best of the literary world.

Polishing poetry? Poet Laureate Billy Collins will be there. Are you an all-around kind of writer? Roger Rosenblatt, essayist for Time Magazine will be speaking. Add to the mix screenwriters, noted authors similar to last year's author, Guggenheim honoree E. L. Doctorow, and literati from around the globe and you'll experience the best.







A great spot to socialize when the writing
workshops end. Wander over to the
Southampton Publick House
for an original brew and a story or two.

    "It's not hard to get authors to come to The Hamptons," said conference Executive Director Robert Reeves. Several of the conference's participants already have homes in the New York area, he said.

Since the crowd promises to be SRO, and invited speakers are all notable and celebrated, you'll need to meet the May 1 application deadline by now, expect to be disappointed for the 2003 event. Conference organizers are already compiling a waiting list for hopefuls wanting to be a part of the conference.

REGISTER EARLY! But since last year was booked there's always this year, and if writers apply by April 1, 2003 they can be considered for a scholarship to cover fees. This year's conference information is available at Southampton College Summer Program Office, Long Island University.

[Editor's note] This event is not for the timid and it is not inexpensive. Go if you are ready to be published, e.g., you have a completed manuscript that will benefit from being "workshopped" at this year's conference. Alternatively, we recommend you plan for the 2004 event now. If your work is polished enough, take names, take notes. After the event is over, tap on doors and send your work out.

This year the conference costs $1,950, which includes room and board in one of the college's dormitories; tuition for just the conference is $1,350. For those who would like to attend just the 8 p.m. evening readings (where many of the more-noted writers will be featured), cost is $300.
If the thought of communal showering in the dorms doesn't sound glamorous to you, there are accommodations available at the nearby historic bed and breakfast 1708 House and the pet-friendly Southampton Inn, where beautiful grounds provide a haven for writing conference participants.
All meals are provided at the conference, but if you would like to step off the campus for awhile, the college's employees recommend the Publick House, 40 Bowden Square, ( and the Driver's Seat, 62 Job's Lane, both combination bars and restaurants (Publick House has its own brewery). The nearby Edgewater's Restaurant offers good Italian fare. For fast coffee, a bagel, or a quick breakfast, The Golden Pear Café at 99 Main Street has a great Web site ( and opens at 7:00 AM. All of the restaurants are within a few minutes' drive from the campus.

Southampton College is located near The Hamptons, the place to summer for celebrities and the well to do. It's 90 miles from New York City along the historic shoreline of Long Island. The conference will provide shuttles to the nearby beaches in the afternoon.


Celebrity Lodging:
If you are going to rub shoulder's with the publishing elite during the day and your celebrity quotient remains high then you may want to nod off each night where film legends stay: The Village Latch Inn.
According to information from The Village Latch Inn, guests have included Michael J. Fox, Isabella Rossellini, Andre Watts, Lauren Hutton, Carly Simon, Ray Liotta, Carl Bernstein, Fran Dresher, John Stamos, and Andy Rooney.

Directions: Long Island Expressway to Exit 70. Make a right onto Route 111 South (Manorville Rd). Go to end and make a left onto Route 27 East (to Montauk). Make right at Southampton College exit. Go to next light and make left onto Montauk Highway (Route 27A). Proceed 2½ miles to The Village Latch Inn, on the left.


    Postcards from Word Smitten

The Village Latch Inn
PO Box 3000, 101 Hill Street
Southampton, NY 11968
FAX 631-283-3236

Reservations 800-545-2824




Midweek: $175 - $450
Weekend: $295 - $550
Midweek: $125 - $225
Weekend: $295 - $550


Hard to leave the Hamptons, isn't it?
We have something else for you to do while you visit Long Island.

It's our tradition to find the most impish distractions for our Word Smitten site members. To keep you from revising the last five chapters of your novel.

In Southampton, it's The Hampton Classic. To learn more about this extravagant late summer event, click on the nice pony.

If you go to the Southampton
Writers Conference,
send us a postcard.



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