At, we are proud our
ROUND TABLE OF EDITORS includes Shelley Singer.


Singer and her adept editing skills are cited in the acknowledgments/dedications written by many former students including:

  • Rick Riordan (winner of Edgar, Anthony, and Shamus awards), author the award-winning detective novel Big Red Tequila, Bantam Books, 1997
  • Lori Fairweather, author of suspense novel Blood and Water, published by Morrow in 1999.

Following are some recent quotes from published students:

"Shelley Singer is simply the best. I'm reasonably certain that without her help, my first novel would be buried in my backyard somewhere, rather than going into its third printing. She encouraged me from chapter one to the end, gave me detailed and insightful feedback, and helped me take an amateur draft of a first novel and turn it into a polished manuscript. Nobody can guarantee you success, but if you're already in the ballpark, Shelley Singer is the coach who can help you hit a home run." Rick Riordan, triple-award-winning author of Big Red Tequila, The Widower's Two-Step, and The Last King of Texas.

"Without Shelley's discerning eye and deft touch, I doubt very much that my first novel, One Hand Clapping, would have been published. Her ghostly Internet-transmitted voice continues to wend its way through my brain whatever I'm writing, exhorting me toward further clarity and grammatical precision. I consider her a valuable part of my writing development and look forward to working with her again." Lise Leroux, author of One Hand Clapping, Viking Penguin, February, 1998; nominated for the 1998 Orange Prize for fiction.

"I took my first mystery writing course from Shelley seven years ago and have participated in one of her monthly critique groups. She's a great teacher-full of invaluable advice and constructive criticism-and just as importantly, encouragement. She has a way of energizing her students, making them believe in themselves and their writing-and her impressive list of beginners who have gone on to become published proves that she knows what she says!" Lori Fairweather, author of Blood and Water, William Morrow, 1999.


Shelley Singer teaches creative writing and for more than a decade has worked with writers as a manuscript consultant and editor. She is the author of twelve published novels and many short stories. The most recent novel is Royal Flush, the sixth Jake Samson-Rosie Vicente mystery, published by Perseverance Press/John Daniel & Co. in 1999. At Word Smitten, we are pleased to announce Shelley's new web site:
and recommend you visit there often. Since 1991, Singer has taught fiction writing at the University of California Extension in Berkeley and San Francisco (Mystery and Suspense Writing) and at Santa Cruz. She holds private workshops as well as one-on-one manuscript consultations, working with writers individually on literary novels and in every genre from memoir, mystery, and science fiction to horror.
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