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The 2004 award, selected by fiction judge Michael C. White, goes to North Carolina resident Barbara Bamberger Scott. We published her story The Gingerbread House in WordSmitten Quarterly Journal (Winter Issue/Volume 4:4).

Look for her story, along with our 2004 honorable mention writers, in the winter issue of WordSmitten Quarterly Journal, available at your favorite bookstore.

Our 2003 Storycove Award for Flash Fiction went to British writer John Ravenscroft for his story, Walking Upside Down.

You'll want to read Wendy Lestina's 2002 award winning story from our first Storycove competition: On The Other Hand. For more details on next year's short story contest, click here:
Flash Fiction Award!


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We're delighted to have an excerpt from one of his books, and if you wish to find more to read by the legendary Peter Meinke, or to purchase his collectable books, scroll to the links at the bottom of this page.


Liquid Paper
Peter Meinke

Smooth as a snail, this little parson
pardons our sins. Touch the brush tip
lightly and "abracadabra!" a clean slate.

We know those who blot their brains
by sniffing it, which shows
it erases more than ink
and with imagination anything
can be misapplied . . . In the army,
our top sergeant drank aftershave, squeezing
my Old Spice to the last slow drop.

It worked like Liquid Paper in his head

until he'd glide across the streets of Heidelberg
hunting for the house in Boise, Idaho,
where he was born . . . If I were God
I'd authorize Celestial Liquid Paper
every seven years to whiten our mistakes:
we should be sorry and live with what we've done
but seven years is long enough and all of us

deserve a visit now and then
to the house where we were born
before everything got written so far wrong.

U. of Pittsburgh Press, 1991)
© 1991 copyright Peter Meinke
Reprinted with permission from the author.

:: An American Poet :: Peter Meinke ::

:: For more information about Peter Meinke (winner of the Flannery O' Connor Short Story Award), his poetry, and his exceptional short stories, visit these sites.


::Eckerd College

::University of Pittsburgh Press

:: St. Petersburg Times


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