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The Wizard Behind Cinema City

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By Kate Sullivan
Executive Editor

:: Peter Dekom :: Legal Wizard Behind the Wall of Oz::

Peter J. Dekom, Esquire, co-author of a recently released study on New Media and its impact on the film industry, formerly worked as a senior partner in the Los Angeles/Beverly Hills law firm of Bloom, Dekom, Hergott and Cook.

While there, his clients included George Lucas, John Travolta, Ron Howard, Rob Reiner, Andy Davis, Robert Towne and Larry Gordon.:: Peter Dekom :: Wizard Behind the Wall ::

Listed in Forbes among the top 100 lawyers in the United States and in Premiere as one of the 50 most powerful people in Hollywood, he developed his nonfiction book during the last four years of the dot-com debacle.

As a contributing editor for American Premiere Magazine, he has authored many articles including The Net Effect: Making Net Profits Mean Something (1992) and Upheavals in Hollywood (1988).

Peter Dekom is a management consultant and entrepreneur in the areas of entertainment, Internet, and telecommunications. He graduated from Yale in 1968 and graduated first in his class in 1973 from the UCLA School of Law. He is considered by most to be the legal wizard behind the Los Angeles wall of Oz — where film deals happen only by magic.

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The Wizard Behind Cinema City - PROFILE of PETER DEKOM

Q&A on topics of new media and film

Launching NOT ON MY WATCH Hollywood vs. the Future
(New Millennium Press)

This nonfiction study of certain forms of entertainment media written by Peter J. Dekom and Peter Sealey. This book offers compelling look at the importance of content and the Internet's impact on Hollywood's new media frontier.


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