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The Hidden Clause: Foreign Rights.
In our exclusive interview with Diana Finch, you'll read key information about foreign rights and international distribution. Information that you need to know before signing a contract with your publisher.

By Heather Harreld Havenstein
Word Smitten Correspondent

For many writers, thinking about the complex business details of book publishing often takes a back seat to the mission of getting the debut novel or nonfiction manuscript published. The fervent quest to entice an American publisher eclipses any other thoughts of marketing a manuscript.

An increasingly important area often overlooked by a new author is the somewhat mystifying area of international book marketing and distribution. Or as it is known throughout the United States in the book publishing industry, foreign rights.

Yet, authors should be tackling these questions of foreign rights at the beginning of the process. At the time a book is ready to be submitted in the United States, authors need to examine whether to sign over these rights to an American publisher, says Diana Finch, agent and former manager of foreign rights at Trident Media Group and the Ellen Levine Literary Agency. Finch represents a wide range of authors and projects, with a concentration in serious and narrative nonfiction.

While most American publishers will seek to buy world rights given the opportunity, savvy authors will calculate several factors, including the potential foreign markets for translation and an agent's experience in the process, before signing over translation rights, according to Finch.

A key step in this process...

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