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Conference Preparations

At a conference, don't miss the evening readings by authors

  • tips and planning

    Prepare for your writing seminar
    by following these guidelines. You'll have a better time if you read these tips before you attend a writing conference.

    Whether the event is two weeks in a summer by the sea, in the mountains, or in the backyard of a writer's home, look for key factors that the conference provides for you to enable you to grow as a writer.

    Here are a few tips to help provide you with an enjoyable experience.

    We do recommend the conferences on these pages because the faculty members are outstanding instructors. However, conferences change every year and individual tastes vary. Consider these guidelines to be a starting point for your own research on writing conferences.

  • Instruction. Look for high quality faculty whose goal is to help you better understand your writing and your objectives. Look for hands-on workshops or critique services to perfect your writing technique.
  • Contacts. Access to publishing executives. From up-and-coming to advanced (senior) members of the industry.
  • The Process of Publishing. Panel and/or workshop sessions where you'll be able to listen to agents, editors, and published authors answer questions about their work. About what they do and how they do it.
  • Q&A sessions. This is where agents, editors, and published authors answer questions about what kind of progress you must make in order to take your manuscript to the next level. This is your chance to ask, so don't be shy about it, but don't stalk them either. As a courtesy, don't give your work to them at these sessions, but give them your business card. On the back, have the title of your manuscript, genre, and two-line plot summary or storyline description. Sometimes they will not accept your card. After all, if there are 200 participants, that's unwieldy. Ask if they accept queries and what form they prefer (e.g., regular mail or e-mail) and follow their guidelines. Send them your best work. Proofread it. Twice.

"Then come the Workshop discussions. The line edits that pick apart the imagined integrity of your story before the end of the first sentence."

The Workshop/Seven Decades of the Iowa Writers' Workshop
-- © 1999
Edited by Tom Grimes

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Author Connie May Fowler - on her newest novel - AUTUMN 2004
Literary Agent Gail Hochman
- on MMC'S PANEL - AUTUMN 2004
Author Arthur Herzog - a master storyteller's fiction - WINTER 2004
Editor Nan Talese - managing book-2-film for her writers - upcoming

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New Voices - Mary McNulty's short story on infidelity; Miriam Parker's short story on publishing; John Ravenscroft's award-winning short fiction; Bruce Pratt's story Getting Something Back; Tanya Eby's The Ride; and, an excerpt from Michael C. White's historical novel (THE GARDEN OF MARTYRS) to be launched this year.

Literary Agents - Eric Simonoff, Gail Hochman, Jeff Kleinman, William Clark and more lit agents' great advice
Book Publicist - Scott Manning and more publishing execs' tips

...and exclusive interviews with senior editors who provide inside information from Doubleday/Broadway, HarperCollins, Hyperion, Knopf, Penguin Putnam, Random House, Simon & Schuster, W. W. Norton, Time Warner Books to open their doors wider for a better view of publishing. WSQJ provides a forum for publishing's best and brightest to discuss ideas, favorite books, and they identify who and what they look for in new talent.

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Our Winter 2004 issue (back issues available) featured author Thisbe Nissen, author Michael C. White (The Garden of Martyrs) and British writer John Ravenscroft.

Our Spring 2004 issue featured Frank McCourt, author of Angela's Ashes, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, who discussed his current work, Teacher Man. You'll find great fiction by Arthur Herzog, Connie May Fowler, Francine Prose, ZZ Packer, and our new voices section with sparkling, provocative fiction. What's next? It's an open edition with selected stories from our Storycove writers. Don't miss it! Read it. Savor it. Send us your stories!

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